Western Mountain Web Design can work on major and minor website maintenance. Our clients range from larger companies needing regular website edits and backups to small businesses requiring only a few alterations to their site in a given year.

Our website maintenance services include:

Backup are the most important part of your website management, but also the most neglected. Everyone is happy when their website is perfect, but we fail to remember there are people out there who desire to destroy websites for money. This is where backups come into play. Western Mountain Web Design has a process for your website backups that includes online and offline backups, and if your site is hacked or destroyed, our Backup and Restoration clients are our highest priority to get your website back up online fast.

We have backup plans for weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates.

Western Mountain Web Design can help you manage your website content on any level. If you have a very small website that you need only periodic changes, we will be able to make those changes whether your site is HTML or any content management system. We also take on larger projects that require regular updates of any kind.

We generally complete website edits in 24 hours; if it will take longer, we’ll let you know.

We have worked with a variety of shopping cart systems including (but not limited to): WooCommerce, Shopify, eShop, ZenCart. These are four popular cart technologies and we have used a variety of payment processors from simple PayPal integration to more advanced Stripe, and a few others in between.

In addition to setting up your web store, we can help you manage your products. We can add or remove your products, set up variations, and keep your website accurate and up to date.

If your website is displaying errors on certain devices or web browsers, Wester Mountain Web Design can give you a free quote on repairs. We have experience in cross-browser compatibility and mobile responsive web design.

We are also able to give your website an audit in case you are not sure if your site works well. We have access to iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux devices and can do a full website audit to be sure all your customers are able to view your website correctly.

If your website is running slowly or server errors appear when loading your website, Western Mountain Web Design will be able to look into your problems. We will be able to determine if the problem is with your website or with your server. If you need a new server, we can transfer your site.

We offer hosting services ourselves on our private server shared only by my clients, but we can also recommend good hosting services. Have a look at our Server page to learn more about server options we offer.

If your business runs a blog but you struggle with getting the formatting just right for the post section on your website, Western Mountain Web Design can help you. We offer very low rates for posting your pre-written blog posts on WordPress or Joomla. We can provide copy writing services for some industries, so please reach out to us if you have questions about what we can offer.
If your website is deployed on a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, Western Mountain Web Design can keep your site up to date. Our backup strategy relies on our knowledge of the CMS, not on plugins that can fail. We can make sure your website core, theme, and all plugins are up to date.

Our backup services include free and priority restoration if anything goes wrong with your website including hacks or other failures.

If your website is infected with a virus of some kind or Google says “This site may harm your computer,” Western Mountain Web Design has experience in malware removal. We can submit the repairs to Google to make sure the error message is removed.