Western Mountain Web Design is your partner for developing a website that speaks to your customers. We help you understand the whole process and keep you informed during the design process. Our sites are coded to comply with modern web standards and are written in either HTML or utilizing a Content Management System like WordPress or Joomla. We make appropriate use of HTML, CSS, and jQuery in our design process, and all our sites are designed to be compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and any other device your customers might use to view your site.

Our design services include:

We are not a boilerplate company. When we work with you to design your website, we start by gathering all the information and then we will help you choose if you want to run a basic HTML website or if you need a full content management solution. Once we know the direction we are heading, we will build your site from the ground up. While we do occasionally make use of templates, we completely customize your site based on specific needs. We minimize the use of plugins and maximize the use of custom code.
If you have already developed a great design and now you are looking for a developer who can take your designs and make them come alive on the web, we can make that happen. We’re experienced in creating custom websites from your designs that you have created yourself or hired a professional designer develop. Your designs will be converted into clean code that will be original. We follow our custom design process for both HTML websites and custom themes to deploy across WordPress or Joomla.
Most websites use themes of some kind. Our approach is two-fold. First, if you have found a theme on a marketplace that you love and want to use it as your company website, we have experience in working with even the most complex website themes from marketplaces like ThemeForest. If you’re looking for an original theme, we specialize in creating beautiful custom themes, and all the features you need will be built into the code. Our themes can be used on static websites or on Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla.
If your website used to be great before new technology arrived on scene, we can bring your site to new website technologies. We can start with your existing design and build a new website that your clients can browse on phones, tablets, and more. We can also add blogs or news feeds, add video and podcast content, or link your social media; anything you need to do to bring your website up to your customer’s standards.
If your website doesn’t display well on a phone or tablet but your analytics say that is where your customers are finding you, Western Mountain Web can help. We are knowledgeable in design for desktop and laptop computers, tablet devices, and smartphones. If your website is not displaying properly in the common devices used by your customers, we can help improve your current website on a variety of displays. Our primary means of mobile responsive design includes extensive use of BootStrap, though we can build custom responsive elements as well.