Western Mountain Web Design is experienced in Joomla including installation of your instance, creating a custom theme, creating custom components and modules, backups, and updates. We have worked with Joomla for a number of years and will be able to manage your instance or just help with small tasks as needed.

Reach out to us for any Joomla needs your company may have.

Our Joomla services include:

Western Mountain Web Design is able to install your Joomla website and teach you the basics about using your new website platform. Our installation can include adding a new theme theme, adding or removing demo content from your install, or fully developing your deployment.

Our custom theme design service will give you a complete theme that is exactly custom to your specific website needs. We’ll work with you to find out every aspect to your website you need and deliver as many page templates that are needed to deploy the exact final result you need. Our custom themes are generally based on Bootstrap and will be fully mobile-responsive, so your customers will have a smooth experience on any device they use to look at your website.

Our Joomla management services includes any needs your website has, large or small. Simple text or page edits are generally completed within 24 hours of receiving the request. Other changes, we will let you know.

Our management includes backups, updates, and security, so you can rest assured that your website is safe when we are involved.

Western Mountain Web Design is able to create custom fields and functions in your website. We have created modules for YouTube videos and playlists, newsletter plugins for the FOSS phplist newsletter system, and even custom title locations for your website. Whatever custom features you need, ask us and we’ll give you a free quote to add your functions.

We take CMS security seriously. We are always watching the security channels for any website vulnerabilities. We have a regular schedule to deploy backups and updates, but will also update anything critical once the update is available.

Our backup services include restoring your site quickly if anything should happen to it.