Western Mountain Web Design is your partner for developing your website from the initial concept to final implementation.  Our sites are coded to comply with modern web standards and are written in either HTML or utilizing a Content Management System (CMS).  We make appropriate use of HTML, CSS, and jQuery in our design process.

Our design services include:

You need a custom design if you know you want an original website, but you are not sure where to begin.  Western Mountain Web can work with you to determine the type of site you need, what the back-end of the site will look like, and how to proceed in the design process.
You already developed a great design and now you are looking for a developer who can take your designs and make them come alive on the web.  We can work with any designs that you have created yourself or hired a professional designer develop.  We will take those designs and make a clean code that will be original to your designs.
You know you need a website and have seen or purchased the perfect design template, but now you are not sure how to get your company content into that theme.  Western Mountain Web Design can help turn your purchased theme into your new company website.  We have worked with themes from the most popular theme markets.
You have a website that was great in its day but has become dated with the new web technologies and browsing habits of your customers. We can take your existing design and build a new website using the latest technologies while maintaining your most popular brand elements.
You have a website that you like but it does not display well on a phone or a tablet and you need that problem fixed. Western Mountain Web is knowledgeable in design for desktop and laptop computers, tablet devices, and smartphones. If your website is not displaying properly in the common devices used by your customers, we can help improve your current website on a variety of displays.



Western Mountain Web Design can work on major and minor website maintenance.  Our clients range from larger companies needing regular website edits and backups to small businesses requiring only a few alterations to their site in a given year.

Our website maintenance services include:

Your staff has changed, images need updated, or any other text needs to be altered on your existing website but you do not know how to make those changes.  Western Mountain Web Design will help keep your website information current, and we can usually complete small tasks in less than 24 hours.
You run an online shopping store and need products added to or removed from your store but you do not have time to keep your inventory current. We can help to keep you up and running with the latest inventory updates.  We have experience in many popular shopping cart platforms and payment gateways.
You have a website and you are not sure how it looks on different devices, or you know that your website does not work well on a phone or a tablet.  Western Mountain Web can give you a detailed report showing how your site works on different platforms.  We are able to resolve issues in your website display and let you know how they will display your customer’s most used platforms.
You may find that your site is suddenly running slow, server errors appear on page loads, or you cannot send or receive emails.  All of these issues may have to do with problems on the web server, and we can look into these problems for you.  Many server issues are best resolved by communicating with your hosting company, and we can have those conversations for you to help find a quicker resolution.
You run a blog and love to write content but you are frustrated with keeping the content looking consistent.  Western Mountain Web Design can post your blog articles and make sure the formatting is correct to match the theme on your blog.
You are running a CMS such as WordPress and you are getting messages about updating plugins and themes.  We can make sure your site and all the plugins are up to date.  We will perform a backup and test the website once the updates are applied to check for any errors that may have been introduced by updates.
Your site has become infected with a virus of some kind or Google says “This site may harm your computer.”  Western Mountain Web Design has experience in malware removal and will submit the repairs to Google to make sure the error message is removed.
You know that you need to make website backups but you are not sure where or how to do those backups.  We offer full backup and restore services for your website so that if anything does go wrong in the life of the site, we can restore full functionality in a short time period.

Server Services


Western Mountain Web is able to help with all aspects of your server management from web hosting to regular server backups and upgrades.

Our server services include:

You have a web hosting account but are not sure how to set up your site, or you know you need an account but are not sure what to buy.  We are able to work with your existing hosting company in helping you to manage your servers, or we can provide you with a control panel to host your website.
You need to move your website to a new server to avoid issues with your current host.  Western Mountain Web Design can help you migrate your website to a new web host.  If your site is basic HTML or a CMS driven site like WordPress, we can manage your migration flawlessly and your customers will not notice that the location to the site has changed.
You have an in-house server and you know that you need to customize values to your nameservers but are not sure what you are doing.  We are knowledgeable in all aspects of custom DNS management and are able to help you set up or manage your domains.
You have or need a Virtual Private Server but are not sure about how the system works.  Western Mountain Web Design is experienced in all aspects of server management.  We have worked with older Plesk systems, Cpanel, and WHM management.  We can have you up and running in no time with your new server.



Western Mountain Web Design is able to assist you in all aspects of your website creation and deployment.  Whether you do not have a plan for your site but you know you need one or you just need someone to make your concepts come life, we can help.

Our consultation services include:

You need a website but are not sure where to start.  We can help you in selecting your domain name and hosting, determining whether you need a CMS, and establish a plan for the best design process.  Once these steps are completed we can begin development on your website.  Our first consultation is always free.
You need help understanding how to work with Google’s tools for reporting how well your website is meeting your customer needs.  Western Mountain Web Design can help you set up your site on Search Console and fix the issues that Google indicates may be an issue for your website.
You need to know how your site is reaching your target audience but are not sure what to do.  We can show you the details about who is looking at your website and from where in order to better understand your target audience, we are able to set up your site to work with Google Analytics to you track your visitor’s region and devices.
You have an existing website but it appears to be loading slowly and you are not sure what to do about it.  We can help if your website appears to be loading slowly. We are knowledgeable in the tools used to diagnose speed problems and make some recommendations to speed up your site.